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The demand for specific products used within surgical, hospital, pharmacy or dispensing can be regular or quite often, a one-time purchase or need a tailor made answer to a particular sourcing problem. MEDEX UK can help and offers products to resolve many customer supply problems. We are experienced at solving the different supply chain problems associated with delivering products in quantities and pack sizes not easily available. Galenical products and small packs are an important activity.

In addition to tinctures, syrups, waxes & oils we can also supply non chemical products used in wound dressing, infection control, and other such associated items.

We supply businesses and international organisations active in, or responsible for, the delivery of Pharmacopeia regulated chemicals, bulk generic products, APIs and finished dosage products. Our customers include Hospital Pharmacies, Government activities, Ministries of health, service companies.

Bulk tablets, blister packs, capsules, ointments, creams, bottles, tubs, vials, are examples of some of the presentations we offer.