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We supply businesses and international organisations active in, or responsible for, the delivery of Pharmacopeia or finished dosage form, regulated chemicals. The specific country requirements represented by the important Government offices of the Ministry of Health are able to be met by Medex UK through our experience at delivering successful solutions to the demands from different supply chain problems associated with the availability of various products in quantities and pack sizes, necessarily organised in a single delivery. Medex UK has in-house supply chain expertise to meet the regulatory requirements of importing/exporting, licenses, letters of credit and other documentation.
We offer generics, APIs, finished dosage products, tinctures, syrups, galenical and small packs. We also supply narcotics under full licence control. Bulk tablets, blister packs, capsules, ointments, creams, bottles, tubs, vials, are examples of some of the presentations we offer.
Natural products are often purchased, which we offer in addition to oils, waxes, flavours and sugars.
We recognise that offering a competitive service is only a part of the supplier approval process and Medex UK is an approved supplier under many such processes.