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MEDEX UK works with a wide breadth of manufacturers and supplies fine chemicals and inorganic chemicals as well as bulk APIs in compressible form allowing easy formulation. We offer bulk formulated products as tablets or capsules, ready for final pack assembly.

We supply expertise alongside products, to help resolve customer supply problems. Our supply chain solves different problems associated with products needed in quantities and various non standard pack sizes. In addition to tinctures, syrups, waxes & oils we also supply galenical products and small packs. Reference products are available to aid the testing and development of new producer registrations.

In addition to the products themselves, and as a result of market knowledge, expertise and technologically capable industry partners, Medex UK has a strong relationship with synthetic chemical manufacturers and contract manufacturing. Associated offices in markets representing technical innovation in low cost countries provide the service of sourcing quality producers for contract manufacturing. Our history and professionalism delivers confidentiality, care of intellectual property and the vital parameters needed to develop this activity.

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