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As a global supplier of Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Healthcare chemical products there are numerous professional bodies both providing information and setting regulations for the supply and use of our products. Medex UK is happy to provide some suggested links which may be of use or which are potentially of general interest.  The information, views and opinions contained on other websites are not the responsibility of Medex and we have no control on their content.

Medex UK offers this service to assist our customers and suppliers and if you have a suggested information link which you are free to share please contact us.

Whatever your needs, we may be able to help your research.

Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) - www.rsc.org
Scientific American (USA) - www.sciam.com
European Directorate for the Quality of Medicine - www.edqm.eu
Chambers of Commerce - www.britishchambers.org.uk
Chemical Industries Association (UK) - www.cia.org.uk
Customs Tariffs and import/export - www.businesslink.gov.uk
Hubble telescope - http://hubblesite.org
BBC News - www.bbc.co.uk