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MEDEX UK supplies products from manufacture, warehouse and stock. In-house logistics capabilities organises pack sizes and quantities to supply what you need, rather than simply picking from a fixed list. Our activities are dynamic and our total delivery service is guided by what you need.
MEDEX UK professional supply chain is flexible, and matches the service level needs of individual customers. Quality, service, trust and reliability are key elements Medex UK delivers to customers. We supply regulated markets with WHO GMP quality products from fully qualified, certified and approved manufacture.
Our policy of waste reduction, and care for the environment, is reinforced by working with approved suppliers who demonstrate recognised waste minimisation standards and safe-working process control. We actively encourage the application of best practice and quality control throughout.
With 25 years proven experience in this international pharmaceutical and healthcare environment, and a history of supplying pharmaceuticals to business as well as many Government public health offices, United Nations and related NGO agencies, Medex UK can deliver your needs.